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The Importance of Certified Cybersecurity Solutions for the Federal Government

Not a day goes by without some type of cybercrime making the news. According to the latest available data, cybercrime incidents now cost the world more than $1 trillion, more than one percent of the global GDP. This statistic emphasizes the growing need for tested, trusted, and certified cybersecurity solutions in every sector – including sensitive environments such as the US Federal government.  

Protecting Your Organization From Cybersecurity Breaches 

Federal government cybersecurity measures often rank at the top in terms of the standards and practices it follows. But is that enough? Let us look at available data to comprehend the gravity of the situation. During mid-December 2020, multiple federal agencies had to face the wrath of cyber hackers. According to reports, the hack began as early as March 2020. Malicious code was entered into updates of a popular software program called Orion, a SolarWinds product.  

It is not only that this company provided service to one or two government agencies; it was providing network monitoring and other technical services to hundreds of thousands of organizations globally. These organizations included government agencies and Fortune 500 companies in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The hack affected at least six US government departments, including energy, commerce, treasury, and state. On a more concerning note, there was a breach of the National Security Administration’s networks.   

As troubling as the above is, it is far from the only breach. In June 2021, both the US and UK governments accused the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of conducting a host of brute force access attempts against government and private sector targets across the world from 2019 to 2021.  

The attempts targeted organizations using Microsoft Office 365® cloud services. In the same month, a small-scale government contractor working on a very sensitive Department of Energy nuclear weapons issues faced attacks from a hacking group known as REvil.  

There continue to be similar incidents taking place throughout the year. As such, there is no denying the intense need to protect your organization from cybersecurity breaches. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your cybersecurity software solution has the key certifications. 

Why Should Your Cyber Solution Be Certified? 

The importance of certified cybersecurity protocols in the federal sector is paramount. Cyberattacks and data loss generated from it can cause an irreparable blow to national security and the country’s economy. While your agency appears less vulnerable, the cyber hacks’ impact on federal agencies is more significant than private organizations.  

A certified solution eliminates vulnerabilities, exploits, and unpredictable data loss. Such cybersecurity certifications like the DoDIN APL, Common Criteria, and FIPS 140-2 validation hold IT products to extremely high standards, ensuring they meet security requirements. 


DoDIN APL stands for the Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List. Created in 2011, the list’s purpose is to ensure equipment or software deployed within the DoD’s network infrastructure is up to the task, both in terms of cybersecurity and interoperability. To enlist on the DoDIN APL panel, companies must fulfill specific product testing and program support requirements. The certification includes requirements for cryptography, information assurance, CAC/PKI, IPv6, CS testing, SAR testing, and IO testing. The program support aspects include the sponsor, submission package, tracking number, initial contact meeting, and DoD testing facility. Read more about the DoDIN APL certification. 

Common Criteria 

The Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) refers to a set of internationally recognized guidelines. IT security products go through an evaluation of security features and capabilities as set forth by the guidelines. A company can complete its Common Criteria certification through one of the following paths: the protection profile or the evaluation assurance level. Thirty-one countries, including the United States and Canada, signed CCRA.  

FIPS 140-2 

FIPS is the acronym for the Federal Information Processing Standards. The FIPS 140-2, in specific, is a US government security standard for IT hardware, software, and firmware solutions that utilize cryptographic functions. This certification is mandatory for all solutions using cryptography in a security system that processes sensitive but unclassified information. The Federal Information Security Management Act or FISMA demands that the US government agencies mandatorily have FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules. FIPS 140-2 validation process often takes years. Therefore, the vendors that come with this certification naturally hold a tested track record.  

Acronis SCS Cyber Backup 12.5 Hardened Edition – The Most Reliable Backup Solution for the US Government 

Is there a solution today that can protect your data while also adhering to these strict requirements? Yes, and one of the most popular products is Acronis SCS Cyber Backup 12.5 Hardened EditionAcronis SCS is known for its certified cyber solutions built for public sector organizations. In addition to being FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certified, Acronis SCS hardened backup solutions is the only full disk image backup and disaster recovery point solution on the DoDIN APL.  

So what does this mean for you? Maximum operational assurance and data security through complete asset protection. 

  • Minimize or eliminate downtime to ensure access to mission-critical data and systems. 
  • Immediately restore a full-disk image of a working version of a device. 
  • Quickly build, test, deploy, and protect complex integrated systems with one interface. 
  • Keep DoD and other government agency systems up and running in the face of attack or failure. 

Our hardened backup solution comes with 100% US-based support, with zero connectivity for a radically reduced attack surface. Its zero integration feature implies zero outbound connections to online services, with certified high-grade encryption. To allow maximum entropy, the solution follows hardware-based random number generation technology. It also comes with anti-ransomware protection and the ability to conduct full image and file-specific backups on both new and legacy systems.  

The solution comes with the guarantee of end-to-end asset protection, with reliable operational assurance and maximum edge data security. Yet, while ensuring the maximum possible levels of security, the solution does not compromise its workability. It creates no unnecessary complexity and outbound connection points, where third parties can access your interface and backend protocols for integration or license maintenance. 

The Acronis SCS hardened backup solution is popular for its cost-efficient and industry-leading technology with superior service. The solution keeps your organization mission-ready for any sensitive environment and service. The Hardened Backup Edition finds its use in any of the Department of Defense’s weapons testing sites, development labs/centers, training simulators, deployed tactical elements, public utility supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and more.  


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