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Acronis SCS Files Advanced

Secure file access, sync, and share for the mobile era.

What Is Acronis SCS Files Advanced?

Seeking to embrace a more modern and mobile workforce? We’ve got you covered. With Acronis SCS Files Advanced, an on-premise solution deployed to your data center or server room, employees can enjoy seamless and secure access to organization file servers, NAS, and SharePoint – anytime, anywhere, and from any leading mobile device or web browser. Whether employees use their own devices or enterprise-owned ones, our productivity-enhancing tool enables them to share and sync files; access, create, and edit Office documents; annotate PDFs, and; perform quick content searches, all from one user-friendly application.

Now the above paragraph may have just given your more security- and compliance-minded IT administrators a minor panic attack. But fear not – Acronis SCS Files Advanced is designed for organizations with critical data and operations to safeguard. With easy-to-navigate, granular-level policy and permissions management, administrators maintain complete and transparent control over user access and functionality.

Increase Productivity

Synchronize Content Anywhere

Comprehensive Security and Controls

Replace FTP Servers

Learn How Acronis SCS Files Advanced Can Work for You!

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Learn how Acronis SCS Files Advanced can work for you!

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The US Public Sector and Acronis SCS Files Advanced

Embracing a more mobile workforce in today’s BYOD era can be a particular challenge for public sector organizations – especially those with sensitive data and operations to protect, like the US government, schools, hospitals, and nonprofits. Acronis SCS Files Advanced helps you bridge that gap between mobile productivity and security/compliance.

Our solution provides the on-the-go file access and functionality your organization needs to stay mission-focused. Customizable for security requirements, administrators can organize permissions at the individual device or group level; utilize Active Directory for user authentication, account management, and device enrollment; enforce password complexity; remote lock or wipe capabilities (for that pesky cellphone-left-in-Uber scenario), and; prevent the opening of third-party applications. In addition, administrators gain peace of mind with features like encryption and easy logging and tracking for audit or compliance purposes. This is secure file syncing and sharing at its finest.

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