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Acronis SCS Cyber Protect

AI-Powered Integration of Data Protection and Cybersecurity

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What Is Acronis SCS Cyber Protect? 

Acronis SCS Cyber Protect (on-prem) offers a revolutionary approach to cyber protection by integrating data protection with cybersecurity. This integrated method eliminates complexity challenges, delivers better protection against today’s threats, and maximizes efficiency by saving time and money. 

With its full-stack antimalware protection and comprehensive endpoint management, Acronis SCS Cyber Protect combats advanced cyberattacks with a unique integration of protection technologies while simplifying daily IT operations, endpoint deployments and management, and reporting. Now you can manage all cyber protection aspects from a single pane of glass. 

For information on our cloud version, visit Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud.

Here's How Our Innovative Solution Gets the Job Done:

Cybersecurity and Endpoint Protection

Comprehensive endpoint management, including remote desktop capabilities and an easy-to-navigate UI saves IT resources 


Full-stack protection against malware, plus AI-based ransomware and cryptomining detection, meets all your endpoint protection needs. 

Backup and Recovery 

Fast and reliable recovery of your data, applications, and systems keeps you up-and-running – no matter what. 

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The US Public Sector & Acronis SCS Cyber Protect

In the words of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s landmark 2020 report, America is “dangerously insecure in cyber.” Everything from hospitals and schools to utilities and government services run on increasingly complex and interconnected networks of devices. Any downtime or data loss – whether they be the result of malicious cyberattack, hardware failure, or human error – could spell disaster, not only for individual institutions and the people they serve, but for our public sector’s digital ecosystem as a whole.

That’s where Acronis SCS Cyber Protect comes in. Our one-of-a- kind solution empowers the US Public Sector with the fully integrated, comprehensive, and cross-functional mix of cybersecurity and data protection tools needed to manage all endpoints in one user-friendly management console.

Cross-Functional Features in One Agent

With the following features at your fingertips, let Acronis SCS help your organization not just survive but thrive in the modern digital age.

  • Infrastructure and device auto-discovery
  • Vulnerability assessments & #CyberFit scoring
  • Data protection map and alerts from our Cyber Protection Operations Centers (CPOCs) 
  • Remote agent installation
  • Backup and disaster recovery with continuous data protection (CDP)
  • URL filtering
  • Unified protection policies management
  • Next-gen defenses against malware/ransomware
  • Hard drive health control
  • Dashboards and flexible reporting
  • Patch management integrated with backup
  • Malware quarantine
  • Rescue with bootable media
  • Remote device wipe
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Forensic information in backups
  • Remote desktop for IT ease

Added Peace of Mind for Remote Work Environments

As public sector organizations respond to COVID-19 and navigate surges in remote work as a result, Acronis SCS Cyber Protect has the tailored features and capabilities your IT teams and employees need to stay productive and #CyberFit. 

With easy remote desktop access and remote wipe capabilities, advanced URL filtering to weed out coronavirus scams and other malicious sites, secure file sync and share for easy collaboration, dedicated protection and priority patching for leading telecommunication applications, like Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams (including against zero day attacks), and more, we have everything you need to keep remote endpoints and sensitive organizational data and systems safe.

With everything going on in the world, now is not the time to leave your organization’s cyber protection needs up to chance or in the hands of ill-fitting, disparate tools. Contact us today to learn more about how Acronis SCS Cyber Protect can give you peace of mind – and unmatched protection – in both these uncertain times and well beyond.

Experience Acronis SCS Cyber Protect

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Experience Acronis SCS Cyber Protect.

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Compare Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Editions

Product FeatureStandardAdvancedDisaster Recovery
Vulnerability assessment
Basic auto-discovery and remote agent installation
Patch management​
Anti-malware protection​
URL filtering
Continuous data protection
Anti-malware scanning of backups
Safe recovery
Smart protection plans
Windows Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials management
Drive health monitoring
Remote desktop
Forensic data backup
Data protection map
Scalable group management of devices and backup plans​
Support for advanced workloads like SAP HANA and Oracle Database​
Advanced auto-discovery and remote agent installation
Failover to the Acronis SCS cloud recovery site​
Disaster recovery orchestration with runbooks

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