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Women’s History Month

Confidence = Empowerment How would you answer this question – “How have you built confidence throughout your career/life?”  For Women’s History Month, we posed this question to several women at Acronis SCS. We kicked off the series on March 8th in honor of International Women’s
Criminal Justice Security

Certified Solutions = Cyber Trust for Criminal Justice System

Our country relies on the criminal justice system to keep the peace and provide structure for a law-abiding and organized society. The criminal justice system is composed of a large series of government agencies and institutions ranging from police and other first responders, prosecutor and
Healthcare Cyber Security

Certified Products = Good Cyber Hygiene for Healthcare

The first electronic healthcare record (EHR) system was created in 1972. Since then, hospitals have continuously moved towards paperless patient health information (PHI) record keeping. What began as a simple data entry system has grown into an entire network of electronic medical records and patient
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Women Are Upping Arizona’s Tech Game

Empowering Women Is Good for Business It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in STEM-based fields. Women only comprise roughly fourteen percent of America’s civil engineers and nineteen percent of its software developers. Women of color, in particular, make up the smallest percentage of STEM
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The Org Highlights Acronis SCS’ Commitment to Diversity

The Org Highlights Acronis SCS' Commitment to Diversity At Acronis SCS, our dedication to diversity "means more than just hiring diverse people. It also means they’re fully supported as they integrate themselves into the company." Click below to learn more about our commitment to welcoming