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System Provisioning & Image Deployment

Provision hundreds of systems as fast as you can provision one

Time Is Scarce and Too Many Resources Are Spent on Provisioning Tablets, PCs, and Servers

From initial deployments of operating systems and preinstalled software to necessary computer and tech refreshes, the US public sector has diverse system provisioning and imaging needs. There’s no avoiding these critical tasks. Yet using traditional one-system-at-a-time provisioning and imaging methods to onboard a group of new employees, set up a training session for existing employees, or teach a computer class to students can cause headaches, limit productivity, and waste precious time and government resources.

With limited manpower and small budgets, IT staffs for government agencies, schools, and universities alike can ill afford to devote hours apiece to image tens or hundreds of PCs, tablets, and servers. Luckily, an easier and faster solution exists to help the US public sector reclaim that lost time – and IT productivity and efficiency as a result.


Deploy to Live

Flexible Deployment

Multiple Operating System Support

A Fast and Easy Solution With the Flexibility to Save Time and Resources

Say a university needs to prepare a hundred computers for an upcoming student training course, or a federal agency must setup fifty new employee computers. In the time it normally takes to configure just one system, Acronis SCS Snap Deploy’s award-winning technology enables public sector organizations to simultaneously configure all systems in one go. Our flexible licensing, remote provisioning, zero physical touch deployment, post-deployment tailoring, and rebooting options ensure all your organization’s imaging needs are met on one user-friendly platform.

Think what your IT team can do with the hundreds of hours it will save with this innovative yet reliable multicast solution.

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