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Protecting Your Most Sensitive Air Gapped Environments

Protecting Your Most Sensitive Air Gapped Environments

Zero Trust architecture is a method of designing computer networks and data centers in which granular, rule-based policies strictly control the access to network resources. In addition, Zero Trust architecture treats every incoming connection as a potential threat until proven otherwise.

In simpler terms, think of the castle and moat analogy. The castle is your network or data center, and the moat surrounding the castle is Zero Trust. You don’t want to allow just anyone entry into the castle, permitting them to roam room to room. On the contrary, you want control of which doors they can open and the rooms they enter.

As part of Zero Trust architecture, you want high-grade encryption and only use certified cyber protection solutions to protect your air gapped environment. Acronis SCS Cyber Backup 12.5 Hardened Edition is the only full disk image backup and disaster recovery point solution on the DoDIN Approved Products List. In addition, our solution allows technicians to support multiple air gapped environments from one user-friendly management console and recover a full system image from the network or optical drive without deploying an agent.

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