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Press Release – Acronis SCSVets Establishes Board of Directors

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Acronis SCSVets Establishes Board of Directors Comprised of Distinguished Veteran Advocates
Dr. Yolanda Rodriguez (USMCR), COL Ross Poppenberger (USA, Ret.) and GySgt. Robert Garcia (USMC, Ret.) bring a wealth of experience, insight, and knowledge to the nonprofit

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Nov. 12, 2020 – Acronis SCSVets, a nonprofit which facilitates post-military IT job training and certification for veterans and military spouses at no cost to them, has announced the first three members of its board of directors today: Yolanda Rodriguez, Ross Poppenberger, and Robert Garcia. All are deeply embedded in Arizona’s veteran and military community, having each served in uniform themselves. “This is an incredibly exciting time for Acronis SCSVets,” states Acting President and CEO Eva Adams. “In addition to welcoming these founding members, we look forward to adding more seats to our board as the nonprofit grows.”

“We are thrilled to have such respected professionals join the Acronis SCSVets’ cause,” adds the nonprofit’s founder, John Zanni. “The unique expertise and leadership acumen Yolanda, Ross, and Robert bring to the table will undoubtedly amplify our mission, helping more veterans and military spouses gain access to the training and certifications they need to thrive in the cyber industry.”

Dr. Yolanda Rodriguez, a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves, professor at Arizona State University, and clinical physician, leads the board as its chairwoman. She brings veteran-focused expertise, as well as a vast network of dedicated veteran advocates, to Acronis SCSVets and is well known in Arizona for her volunteer work on veteran employment issues, including as CEO/President of VetIT. Having served on several advisory and steering committees benefiting veterans, Indigenous peoples, economic development, and women/family advocacy centers, Rodriguez adds invaluable insight to the nonprofit’s leadership team. “I look forward to expanding my passion for helping veterans find sustainable careers as chair of the Acronis SCSVets board,” she says. “I’m proud to be part of an organization making a real difference in the lives and livelihoods of its graduates.”

COL Ross Poppenberger (USA, retired) joins the Acronis SCSVets board after retiring in October from a thirty-one year Army career. Finishing his military service as the Commanding Officer of US Army Yuma Proving Ground, he brings a wealth of leadership and national security expertise to the board. Poppenberger began his career as an enlisted Field Artillery soldier in the Arizona Army National Guard, served his operational time as an officer as a Combat Engineer, and eventually transitioned into the Army Acquisition Corps, where he led Information Technology, Missile Defense, and other critical efforts. In joining the Acronis SCSVets board, he looks forward to demonstrating his continued “dedication to creating opportunities for military service members transitioning into the civilian world.”

GySgt. Robert Garcia (USMC, retired) also joins the Acronis SCSVets board. An Arizona native, Garcia served twenty-two years in the Marines and has been active in the veteran community for more than three decades. He previously served on the veterans advisory board for the City of Goodyear, Arizona. In his current role as the State of Arizona’s workforce program manager focused on veteran employment, Garcia supports companies’ efforts to develop sustainable workforce strategies and hire more veterans. “My life goal is to make it easier for those who served and their families to reach their full career potential,” Garcia says. “Joining the Acronis SCSVets board is one more way to further that goal.”

“With Yolanda, Robert, and Ross on our board of directors, I have no doubt Acronis SCSVets will be able to better empower our students with the skills and resources they need to succeed in IT and cybersecurity,” says Adams. “Narrowing our nation’s cyber workforce shortage is critical for ensuring national security. There is no group better suited to rise to this challenge than America’s veterans and military spouses – and no individuals better suited to help enable such a mission than this board.”

About Acronis SCSVets
Acronis SCSVets is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based nonprofit committed to reducing veteran and military spouse under and unemployment and eliminating America’s cyber workforce shortage by arming participants with the credentials, skills, and resources they need to pursue self-sustaining cyber careers. Graduates of the Acronis SCSVets program go on to meaningful and rewarding careers where they coalesce their military training with skills accrued during the certification process to continue serving our country in critical ways. Acronis SCSVets firmly believes that by investing in transitioning service members and/or their spouses, we make an important investment in ensuring the security of our nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure. For those who have selflessly dedicated so much to our country, Acronis SCSVets considers it an honor to return the investment.

About Acronis SCS
Acronis SCS is a US-based, independently operated and governed cyber protection and edge data security company exclusively dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of the US public sector. In contrast, Acronis – Acronis SCS’ international parent company – serves private companies, non-US public sectors, and individual consumers. Acronis SCS’ innovative and comprehensive cyber protection, backup and disaster recovery, anti-ransomware, and enterprise file sync and share software solutions ensure operational assurance and data security across America’s federal, state and local government, education, healthcare, and nonprofit computing environments. All Acronis SCS employees are US citizens.