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#1 Cloud Backup Powered by Net3

Certified, secure, and dedicated cloud backup & security

With sensitive constituent data and critical services on the linethe importance of cybersecurity and data protection for the US public sector cannot be overstated. The current cyberwar on state & local governments poses a great threat to public sector bodies and their constituents, not to mention our national security. That is why Acronis SCS has partnered with Net3 Technologies to provide revolutionary and certified cloud backup and security solutions purpose built to protect the US public sector’s most targeted environments.  

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Delivering Compliance with Ease

Acronis SCS powered by Net3 keeps your data safe, compliant, and accessible without breaking the bank 

Certified & Compliant

Public sector environments are heavily regulated and must meet specific operating, encryption, and storage standards to maintain compliance. That is why we purpose build and certify our cyber protection solutions to meet the most stringent security requirements around – that includes FIPS 140-2, CJIS, and HIPAA.

Secure Data Centers

Looking for a certified cloud? Acronis SCS offers a US based FIPS 140-2, CJIS, and HIPAA certified cloud built for your most sensitive environments. Net3 Technology offers a mix of both secure private cloud and Government certified public cloud.  Acronis SCS and Net3 can tailor a solution to fit your requirements 

Dedicated Support

At Net3, each customer receives a dedicated team of Net3 Cloud Engineers through the length of their contract.  Customers receive 24/7/365 support with thorough on-boarding and training of their backup products and features. 

Public Sector Cloud Solutions by Acronis SCS + Net3

Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud

Nowhere is the importance of cybersecurity & backups more apparent than in the public sector, where cyberattacks and data loss can deliver a devastating blow to public sector bodies and their constituents. Over-reliance on legacy IT systems, underfunded budgets, and troves of hypersensitive constituent data combine to make public sector organizations appealing targets for cybercriminals.

Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud offers a full suite of robust, certified-compliant data backup, protection, and cybersecurity solutions designed to fulfill the public sector’s unique requirements. Powered by Net3 Technology, Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud empowers public sector agencies of all stripes and sizes to adapt and react in an ever-changing threat landscape. 


Eliminate vulnerabilities, exploits, and unpredictable data loss

Ensure seamless business continuity for your clients thanks to top-level, best-in-class vulnerability assessments and patch management functionality. Centralize your security posture in one management console featuring remote desktop and wipe capabilities, centralized inventory management, HDD health assessments, automatic endpoint discovery, remote installation, and fail-safe patching.
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Advanced AI-based behavioral detection engine for zero-day attack prevention

Real-time threat monitoring, continuous data protection, automatic forensic backup, fail-safe patching, and advanced email security features (including anti-spam, anti-phishing, and attachment scanning) combined with industry leading AI-based static and behavioral anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technologies offer superior protection for the most vulnerable and sensitive public sector agencies and organizations.
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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup-as-a-service solution for any workload in any environment

Uniting BaaS with AI-based anti-ransomware technologies, file notarization, and end-to-end encryption, we offer the most advanced, fast, and secure backup and recovery solution for your clients. And thanks to a central, multi-tenant, web-based portal, MSPs can perform all data protection and client management tasks via a single pane of glass.
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Data Protection

Ensure critical data is protected and compliance is maintained at all times

Every system, all workloads, any format— deliver the continuous and comprehensive data protection public sector organizations demand. Data protection mapping provides detailed information about stored data allowing greater levels of confidence and easier compliance reporting. Advanced network and content controls with real-time user activity monitoring and built-in forensic backup enable you to offer the most robust data protection services clients are looking for.
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File Sync & Share

File sync and share with uncompromised security and flexible storage

Easy to implement, quick to deploy, and affordable to scale, our file sync and share features are designed to help MSPs attract new clients, discover incremental revenue, and reduce client churn. With comprehensive privacy and policy controls, secure access from any device, a rich mobile experience, and easy collaboration functionality, we offer a robust file sharing solution to all your managed data protection services.
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Benefits of Net3’s Backup as a Service:

Net3 Technology is a leading Cloud Services Provider that owns and operates PvDC Cloud, which is located both on the East and West coasts.  Nationwide, Net3 provides clients with customized cloud solutions for Backup and Disaster Recovery, Production and Cloud Managed Services.  For elite customer service, every client has a dedicated team of Net3 Cloud Engineers.  From training to on-boarding, through the length of your contract, Net3 will work with each client to form a true business partnership.

    • Each customer receives a dedicated team of Net3 Cloud Engineers through the length of their contract
    • Thorough on-boarding and training of backup products and features
    • Net3 assistance with creating your customized backup plan/DR Runbook
    • 24/7/365 support with Net3 Cloud Engineers that know your environment & recovery plan
    • Ability to spin up your environment in Net3’s PvDC Cloud for disaster recovery
    • Unlimited transactions to and from PvDC Cloud at no additional cost

Learn more about Acronis SCS powered by Net3

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Learn more about Acronis SCS powered by Net3

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