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Higher Ed & K-12 Data Security & Provisioning Needs

K-12 school districts and higher education institutions face two primary cyber challenges: those resulting from IT inefficiencies and those posed by data security threats. First up, inefficiencies. America’s public education institutions must often make due with limited IT staffs and budgets, leading to vulnerability and lost productivity. Nowhere is this more visible than in schools’ outdated system provisioning methods, which require individual machine imaging at painstakingly slow speeds for computer labs, classes, or library trainings.

The second and equally critical challenge for the US education sector is the threat posed by bad actors intent on wreaking havoc, extorting money, or stealing sensitive data. In July 2019 alone, cyberattacks affected public school systems in New Mexico, Nevada, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Connecticut, and New York. As the rate of cyberattacks on the education sector climb, ransomware attacks in particular are of urgent concern. Of all the confirmed ransomware attacks against state and local targets between 2013 and April 2019, 14 percent targeted local school systems or colleges. With the threat of costly downtime and the unintentional release of sensitive data that often accompany these attacks, today’s ransomware epidemic should cause any public school superintendent or college dean to sit up, take notice, and make real changes to their organizations’ cyber protection practices.


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How Acronis SCS Provides the Answers

Acronis SCS’s trusted imaging and cyber protection solutions help the education sector tackle both these challenges with ease – and at an affordable price tag. With Acronis SCS Snap Deploy, IT personnel no longer need to devote countless hours to individually reimaging machines with operating systems, applications, and files for every new class or lab. Our award-winning disk-imaging software empowers them to simultaneously image multiple devices and systems in one go, saving time for other critical IT tasks.

In addition, Acronis SCS’s Cyber Backup 12.5, data sharing, cloud security, and cloud storage solutions empower education institutions to better protect themselves against cyber threats, including ransomware. Our backup software has built-in, AI-based anti-ransomware protection, and our suite of data sharing and cloud-based tools ensure secure collaboration across all endpoints. Our schools, colleges, and universities should be able to focus on educating the next generation of Americans – our products ease IT headaches and cyber protection pains so they can do just that. Explore which solution is right for your district or institution today:

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