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Defining SCS – There’s More to Our Name Than an Acronym

Acronis SCS. The “SCS” in our company’s name is there for a reason and stands for Sensitive Customer Solutions. So what constitutes a sensitive customer? That’s simple. It’s the US public sector with over 90,000 agencies totaling millions of vulnerable endpoints. From state agencies to water treatment plants to the local nonprofit…they all have sensitive data and environments that require protection from cyberattacks.

Technology alone can’t keep sensitive environments safe

Acronis SCS is a US-based company that specifically develops cyber protection solutions to handle the public sector’s sensitive data. We focus on people, processes, and certifications to secure environments. But technology alone can’t keep sensitive environments safe from cybercriminals. An organization must implement:

1) Zero Trust Architecture: Zero Trust Architecture refers to a methodology for better securing your IT networks. To be precise, the Zero Trust model encourages organizations to not take anything inside or outside their periphery at its face value. Instead, it calls for verifying anything and everything trying to connect to an enterprise system before it gets access. Basically, it’s designing computer networks and data centers in which granular, rule-based policies strictly control the access to network resources. In addition, zero trust architecture treats every incoming connection as a potential threat until proven otherwise.

2) Security Awareness Training: An organization must implement a security awareness training program to help prevent and mitigate user risk. This is not a one-and-done class but an ongoing program. Annually personnel must complete a course on security awareness that encompasses several key areas. These include training to detect email/phishing scams, password security, safe internet habits, malware, handling of removable media, social networking dangers, clean desk policy, and physical security and environmental controls. Lastly, employees must be encouraged to report breaches immediately. Even if they accidentally click a link in a phishing email, time is of the essence for activating the organization’s Incident Response Plan.

3) Managed Service Provider. Acronis SCS partners with top MSPs because they are integral to the sensitive customer solution. Utilizing an MSP at your organization has numerous benefits, including security for sensitive and critical data, a local expert to help maintain compliance, economies of scale, and decreased work, stress, and costs of onboarding and offboarding staff/technology. A public sector agency should look to their MSP as a trusted advisor and an extension of their IT department.

4) Certified and Compliant Cyber Protection: MSPs can offer their public sector clients a FIPS 140-2 validated and NIST-800-171, CJIS, and HIPAA compliant cyber protection solution that takes a multilayered approach to block ransomware and other cyberthreats while supporting recovery. Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud offers a full suite of robust data backup, protection, and cybersecurity solutions designed to fulfill the public sector’s unique requirements. MSPs manage our cyber protection solution from a centralized console. Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud is ideal for public sector agencies with sensitive data in a regulated environment that requires compliant services.

If you are an MSP looking to explore or expand into the US public sector, engage with the sales team at Acronis SCS to schedule a demo. Our expertise with sensitive customer solutions for state/local governments, education, healthcare, public utilities, and nonprofits makes for a robust partnership with the right MSP.

If you are a US public sector agency, MSPs can become your trusted advisor, support your IT staff, and decrease management stress and costs related to IT resources and staff. In addition, when utilizing our Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud solution, they can help your agency prevent ransomware attacks and aid in the event of an incident. It’s time to get #CyberFit. Team up with one of our trusted MSP partners for Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud today to schedule a demo and get a 30-day free trial!

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