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Cloud Backup & Content Management

Secure solutions for the US public sector.

Next-gen data protection.

The cloud is much more than just another buzzword or trendy tech fad. In recent years, it has become the focal point of countless US public sector digital modernization strategies. For a sector plagued by understaffed IT teams and insufficient IT budgets, unlocking the cloud’s computing power and storage capacity at affordable costs will dramatically increase productivity and digital capability. But just like any other game-changing shift within the cyber field, government adoption of cloud-based solutions comes with its own set of considerations.

As government organizations explore the immense benefits the cloud can bring to the table, a key challenge has emerged: balancing utility and scalability with security. However, when done right, the cloud offers safe and secure solutions to help overcome some of government’s most vexing digital modernization obstacles.

Scalable for All Organization Sizes

Supports the 3-2-1 Model


Hybrid Solutions

Proactively protecting US Public Sector data through secure cloud and hybrid solutions.

The answer to questions of cloud safety lie in scalable solutions that cater to the public sector’s unique security needs. Having the ability to fully control and manage the backup and storage location of data, applications, and systems (whether that be locally, in secure private clouds, or in public clouds) makes all the difference for organizations handling sensitive or mission-critical information. Gain peace of mind as you harness the limitless power of the cloud with these products.

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