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Certified Solutions = Cyber Trust for Criminal Justice System

CJIS Acronis

Our country relies on the criminal justice system to keep the peace and provide structure for a law-abiding and organized society. The criminal justice system is composed of a large series of government agencies and institutions ranging from police and other first responders, prosecutor and defense lawyers, courts, and prisons. The prevention of crime, ensuring justice is served for those who are victims and witnesses to crime, a fair judicial process for those accused, a smooth court process for members of our society who are called for jury duty, and a secure prison system for those convicted of crimes are the highest goals for this industry. Keeping the entire criminal justice system operating efficiently and securely is a priority because if there is a lack of trust and faith in our criminal justice and judicial system, then the entire fabric of our law-abiding society starts to unravel. The number of opportunities for cyberattacks due to multiple offices and agencies transferring highly sensitive data to each other across innumerable endpoint devices is enormous and only growing every day.   

The Criminal Justice Industry’s Reliance on Virtual and Edge Devices

Our criminal justice system is composed of law enforcement, the courts, and corrections departments. When a crime is committed, law enforcement investigates. Once a person is apprehended the courts take over and the lengthy and complex judicial process begins. If a person is convicted they are monitored by the probation department and courts. If they are sentenced to jail, they are turned over to the local prisons or department of corrections. In this digital age, new technologies have changed how segments of this industry interact with each other and also with the general public. Criminal justice has become about so much more than the deterrence, punishment, and rehabilitation of criminals. It has evolved into a process of delivering accountability, developing and maintaining transparency, and repairing and maintaining public trust all in a quickly and constantly evolving virtual environment. 

It starts with law enforcement. It all begins when a 911 call is placed. The 911 call centers gather as much personal identifying information about the caller and the incident as they can while dispatching the first responders needed to help the citizen in distress and updating those first responders via phone, computer, and/or radio which are installed in the vehicles of those first responders. Multiple endpoints are used to communicate across multiple segments of the law enforcement and first responder industries. The first responders themselves are more often than not equipped with body cameras, tasers, cameras, computers to write reports and other notes, and other endpoint devices that record crucial interactions between them and the public. This data is sensitive in nature and preserving it for use in the courtroom later is another high priority. Once someone is arrested they are booked into the local prison system. Their personal information, and that of any victims and witnesses gathered during the investigation, is added electronically and stored to be passed on to the local prosecutor’s office. These files are shared electronically between police and prosecutors. 

Within a prosecutor’s office there are many employees who work on these cases that are stored electronically within the office. Secretaries, paralegals, interns, and the attorney’s themselves. Most offices have desktop computers, laptops, and other electronic devices used to prepare for court and also to present evidence to judges and juries. The prosecutors office also electronically shares files and communicates with local laboratories that perform DNA testing, ballistics, and other crucial scientific comparisons to make sure the correct person was apprehended and to build their case against the accused. Laboratory technicians need to be able to preserve the integrity of this evidence so that attorneys can authenticate it later in a courtroom throughout the judicial process starting with the trial level through the lengthy appeals process. If the integrity of any evidence is jeopardized, the entire case will fall apart resulting in a miscarriage of justice.

The prosecutor’s offices are required to turn over evidence to the defense attorneys and this discovery process has become electronic over the past few years to where many prosecutor’s offices email entire files after redacting sensitive data about victims and witnesses that the defense is not entitled to have. Both defense and prosecuting attorneys electronically file motions and other pleadings with the courts, which have themselves been moving more and more fully electronic over the past few years. State court systems and clerk’s offices are moving to e-filing and electronic recordings of all court proceedings instead of the traditional court reporters. When members of our society are called to jury duty the clerk’s office gathers personal identifying information about each juror that is then shared with the judges and the attorneys so they can intelligently select a jury. Each individual judge with their staff of administrative assistants, law clerks, and secretaries have access to juror information and also work on each case file that is passed to them electronically leaving the entire judicial branch vulnerable to attacks

Once someone is convicted they are then monitored by probation and parole. If they are sentenced to jail time, the courts communicate directly with the prisons. The prison system operates it’s day to day functions electronically ranging from simply accessing electronic case files containing information about inmates, to employees communicating directly with one another, and the wider security features like controlling the individual jail cells, locked doors within the walls of the buildings and gates surrounding the entire prison system. 

Why the Criminal Justice Industry?

The importance of cybersecurity for the criminal justice industry is critical. Preserving the integrity of the entire criminal justice case process is the highest priority to ensure a fair trial for the accused, access to justice for victims of crime, and a trustworthy and civilized procedure for all members of our society whether they are directly involved in the justice process or following along in the news. You can see how the digital fingerprints on a case file that moves through the entire criminal justice system are innumerable and the opportunities for cybercriminals to hack, leak, or compromise data and investigations abound. Due to these cybersecurity threats across multiple government offices and agencies, the need for endpoint security and data backup and protection are on the forefront of many IT departments that are lagging behind the constantly changing technological landscape while constrained by their individual budgets. 

Certified Solutions = Cyber Trust for Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliance is what local, state, and federal criminal justice and law enforcement offices demand for agreement about industry standards for data security and encryption. That is why we sought to make Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud CJIS compliant and ensure our product is held to the highest criminal justice specific data and encryption standards in existence. We are dedicated to protecting all CJIS data including information derived from detaining criminals, performing background checks, tracking criminal activity, and gathering and storing personal identifying information about victims, witnesses, jurors, and other members of our society. 

Why Acronis SCS is Your Office’s Cybersecurity Safety Net

At Acronis SCS we have the cybersecurity solution your office or agency has been looking for. Outdated IT systems, budgetary restraints, and the high volume of personal identifying and sensitive information makes criminal justice agencies and organizations a high cybersecurity attack target. This data can be protected but only with the right solutions that are tailored specifically to this industry’s unique needs with the right price tag. 

That’s where Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud comes in – our new FIPS 140-2, CJIS, and HIPAA certified cloud solution designed to meet the needs of the US government. As with all our products, it is run and supported in the US by 100% US citizens. We offer a full suite of solutions via a single pane of glass with features including certified backup, ransomware protection, and file sync and share, all managed via a centralized console. This mix-and-match functionality, add-as-you grow and scale, and pay-as-you-go pricing allows your office to balance your budget constraints with your critical need for cybersecurity software. Our cloud security is here to meet your specific needs today and tomorrow. 


As technology advances and sophisticates, so do the cybersecurity threats and cybersecurity attacks. We know your struggle in feeling like your office’s cybersecurity and IT seriously lag behind and are vulnerable to attack. We are here to help give you confidence and peace of mind. Our integrated Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud solution allows you to streamline the management of your network, cut unnecessary administrative time, and lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This certified cloud product uses AI-based static and behavioral heuristic anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technologies, allowing you to protect remote collaboration tools like Zoom, WebEX, and Microsoft Teams via vulnerability assessment, patch management, code injection prevention, and anti-malware capabilities. 


Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud gives you the endpoint security you desperately need. Our cloud protection provides visibility into the protected status of all our endpoints and data across your entire office infrastructure so you can take inventory of your IT landscape, monitor your disk drive health, assess your cyber fitness, and batch and remote agent installation through a very easy to use wizard. Our certified cloud provides top-level cybersecurity, best-in-class vulnerability assessments and patch management functionality through a centralized and single easy-to-use management console.

Backup & Recovery

Data protection, data backup, and data recovery all come together via a combination of backup-as-a-service, AI-based anti-ransomware technologies, and end-to-end encryption. You can’t afford to lose data or risk it being hacked or compromised in any way. You need the peace of mind that none of your data will ever be lost and your data is protected even between scheduled backups. Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud does all this and more. 

Flexible Deployment & Licensing 

At Acronis SCS our goal is to provide the highest quality certified cloud data protection and backup solutions for our clients equipped with the operational assurance they need to survive and thrive in a constantly evolving and threatening cyber environment. To meet our client’s needs we developed products and licensing structures that allow you to pick and choose what you need to build your own cyber protection – whether that is a private or Acrosis SCS certified cloud, or even on-premise solutions (although the vast majority of our clients are moving to the cloud). We also have flexible licensing models such as annual subscriptions and monthly pay-as-you-go pricing structures to meet your budgetary constraints. Whatever data backup and data protection choices you make for your office, Acronis SCS is dedicated to providing you with superior service, extensive training and onboarding for your team, 100% US based support, and industry leading technology to protect your data and agency.

Why Acronis SCS

At Acronis SCS, the US public sector is our #1 priority – in fact, it’s our only priority. Because our sole focus is the public sector, we understand your office is subject to the most stringent regulatory standards and requirements. That’s why we put Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud through the highest certifications in cybersecurity. Our Cyber Protect Cloud is FIPS 140-2, CJIS, and HIPAA certified and was tested to provide operational assurance and data protection and security across the computing environments of the United States’ state and local governments, educational institutions ranging from preschool through universities, healthcare including hospitals of all sizes, and nonprofit organizations. 

With 100% US based support and operations, our team stands ready to ensure your organization is mission ready, no matter what. We know your pain points because we only work with offices like yours and as such we also know how to provide the support you need whether you are a large federal agency or a small K-12 school or somewhere in between. Choosing Acronis SCS is choosing a trusted, experienced, and professional cybersecurity ally. Our US-based data centers mean 100% of your data is housed on US soil, supported and backed only by US-professionals as mandated by the federal government and demanded by other public sector agencies and organizations. 

Contact us to discuss Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud so you can confidently protect your most sensitive data in the most highly targeted computing landscapes. Acronis SCS is here for you and we have your back.