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Why Data Backup Is so Important to the US Public Sector

Why Data Backup Is so Important to the US Public Sector The best offense is a good defense when ensuring your data is protected. Adopting a resilient backup solution that integrates data protection and cybersecurity is the most foolproof method to defend the US public

Certified and Affordable Cyber Protection for Nonprofits

Protecting Nonprofit Organizations With Our Certified-Compliant Cloud Backup and Security Solution Cyberattacks, ransomware threats and security concerns for remote workers are common cybersecurity pain points for nonprofits. Therefore, you need a cybersecurity and backup solution to secure your sensitive personnel and donor data. Acronis SCS

Let Acronis SCS Be Your Nonprofit’s Safety Net

Nonprofits’ Solution for Data Security and Cloud Protection  Nonprofit organizations have a crucial place in American Society, from public libraries and museums to community service groups and religious organizations, they make a difference to the lives of millions of American people every day. While such organizations vary
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Implementing a Secure Approach in a Zero Trust World

The Origins of Zero Trust If you keep pace with cybersecurity trends, you have undoubtedly heard the term “zero trust” with increasing frequency in recent years. The term, first coined by Forrester analyst John Kindervag in 2010, and popularized by Palo Alto Networks in years since, refers to a
Cyber Backup Cloud Storage Acronis SCS

New Year Brings Both Fresh & Familiar Cyber Priorities

A Year of Public Sector Resilience & Innovation  Many would have no qualms with leaving 2020 in the rearview mirror. After all, last year tested our nation and the world in ways none of us could have ever predicted (and which we hope never to repeat). While it was a challenging year in so many respects, especially for those who battled or lost loved

Why Acronis SCS?

Why Acronis SCS? While our products may look similar to our parent company Acronis AIG, Acronis SCS is an independently operated, US-based organization with 100% US citizens and support. Here at Acronis SCS, the US public sector is our #1 priority – in fact, it