Safeguarding Arizona’s Elections Is a Team Effort

Arizona Election Security Blog Image

Arizona’s Election Security Landscape With the 2020 campaign season well underway, US states are working hard to shore up their election systems before the upcoming primaries. Arizona has good reason to be a part of this nationwide reckoning: as Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and other officials acknowledge, our state’s election systems were targeted… Read More

FREE Upgrade to NEW Game-Changing Hardened Backup Product – Limited Time Only

Acronis SCS hardened backup

A Gap in the Backup Market In today’s backup and recovery software market, there is a troubling gap for public sector customers operating in air-gapped, ‘no internet’ environments. In particularly challenging settings, like deployed defense elements at the edge or those with sensitive or classified information, Acronis SCS’s forthcoming hardened backup product fills that gap…. Read More

Self-Protecting Data – A Future-Proof Cyber Doctrine

Self-Protecting Data Diagram | Acronis SCS

The Data Protection Evolution In the decades since cybersecurity became a key priority for companies and federal government agencies alike, we have witnessed a necessary evolution in information security doctrine and strategies. For years, layered data protection tools – from perimeter defense to identity management – have dominated the cyber protection field by positioning organizations… Read More

CMMC Listening Tour Takeaways

CMMC Listening Tour | Acronis SCS

Last month, I attended one of the stops on the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Cybersecurity Maturation Model Certification (CMMC) listening tour to gain a better understanding of future cyber hygiene expectations for the defense industrial base (DIB). The CMMC, which was first announced in June, is the Department’s fresh undertaking to better measure and mitigate… Read More