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The Public Sector Speaks: The Need for Public Sector and Private Regulated Industry Cyber Hygiene

The Need for Public Sector Cyber Hygiene 

During the Acronis #CyberFit Summit in October, Acronis SCS hosted a couple of breakout sessions focused on the US public sector. One of those sessions included a panel discussion led by John Zanni, CEO of Acronis SCS. Joining Mr. Zanni on stage were three panelists, including: 

Mr. Zanni posed several questions to the panelist, with the overarching theme of the session being the need for public sector and private regulated industry cyber hygiene. The panelist shared valuable experiences and insights on navigating public sector security and sales. Some highlights include: 

    • Chris Richardson points out MSPs can help their public sector clients “pool demand and help them navigate each other.” Siloed agencies are individually handling their own cybersecurity. It became clear, during the session, that these agencies must share information, learn from each other, and pool resources, with MSP poised to assist in this endeavor.   
    • Cybersecurity frameworks are just compliance baselines. MSPs must stay ahead of cyberattacks and be vigilant about what that next attack might be. 
    • All three panelists selected ‘people’ as their focus for this year and next. Stacey Wright pointed out that agencies need to be able to respond faster; we need a culture where people are comfortable coming forward to say, “I clicked on a link I shouldn’t have.” Also, there needs to be more training because there’s more than a financial hit resulting from a cyberattack. There’s a real emotional trauma if an employee clicks on a link that takes down a whole agency.  

View the Whole Video for Valuable Knowledge Nuggets 

Watch the session recording in its entirety to pick up helpful knowledge nuggets. Or skip to a specific question of interest using the timestamps below. 

  • Q#1 [3:35]  – How is your organization continuing to modify its tools, processes, and skills to protect your clients?
  • Q#2 [22:42]Are the cybersecurity frameworks (e.g., CIS, CMMC, NIST) keeping up with what is needed, and how are you helping customers meet the requirements of these frameworks?  
  • Q#3 [28:42] This year and next, which two are you focusing on – people, process, or technology? 
  • Q#4 [36:13 ]Has your cyber incident response plan changed compared to the year before? 
  • Q#5 [42:37]How has the move to a subscription licensing model impacted the US public sector’s approach to cyber hygiene?
  • Q#6 [47:39]What keeps you up at night? 
  • [51:30 ] – Closing thoughts from the panel

Be the Cybersecurity Expert for Your Public Sector Clients 

With limited budgets and increasingly frequent attacks, public sector organizations demand solutions that decrease the attack surface and minimize IT headaches. These factors mean that public sector agencies need the solutions, services, and expertise you as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can deliver.  

MSPs partner with Acronis SCS to help eliminate the obstacles and pain points of selling into the US public sector. From certified and compliant solutions to US-based support and data centers, Acronis SCS helps you differentiate your cybersecurity offering from the competition’s, thus, simplifying selling into this market. In addition, we have extensive public sector knowledge to arm your sales and marketing teams with the support needed to grow your client base and expand reach within state, local, education, healthcare, and nonprofit computing environments  

Avoid compliance delays and generate public sector sales with Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud – our FIPS 140-2 validated, CJIS compliant, and HIPAA compliant cloud backup and security solution. 

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