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Replacing Symantec Ghost? 

 As the old saying goes, “time is money.” Using traditional methods, provisioning a new PC could take hours. If you need to get 10 machines going, your IT manager could spend an entire week just on this one project.  

To optimize your limited IT resources, being able to provision all the machines you need at once – as quickly as you can provision one – is a much better approach.  

Many organizations have turned to mass deployment solutions like Symantec Ghost to solve this issue but speculation of products coming to end of life and rumors of priorities shifting to more enterprise level customers has left public sector organizations confused on where to turn.  

Enter Acronis SCS Snap Deploy – an award-winning disk-imaging technology that allows you to seamlessly and simultaneously provision a standard master image of any configuration – including operating systems, files, and applications – to multiple machines in just one easy step. 

Acronis SCS Snap Deploy is the Perfect Replacement and Upgrade to Symantec Ghost 

Ideal for rapid bare-metal deployments, Acronis SCS Snap Deploy makes redeployments immensely easy to schedule, requiring zero physical touches, even when working with a large volume of devices and servers that have dissimilar hardware. In addition, Acronis SCS Snap Deploy saves you the pain of manual reboots, and its easy to use management portal comes with everything you need to image your systems and devices from a singular and centralized, user-friendly management console.  

Acronis SCS Snap Deploy is highly secure and minimizes configuration errors. In addition, it lets you work in an environment that is complete, consistent, safe, malware-free, and up-to-date.  

What is Acronis SCS Snap Deploy? 

At its core, Acronis SCS Snap Deploy is an OS deployment and disk management tool for the US public sector. Irrespective of whether you work in a large government agency, a small municipality, or an educational institution, you will likely need to deploy new software and configurations. This process often takes time. Our disk imaging and system deployment solution offered via Acronis SCS Snap Deploy allows you to simultaneously image multiple devices and systems in a single pass.  

Acronis SCS Snap Deploy licensing is flexible. For example, you can opt for a license cost calculated per machine or deployment. And, since it is compatible with dissimilar hardware, you do not need to configure a new master system for each hardware.  

The latest additions to the Acronis SCS Snap Deploy product suite have made it even more efficient. You can choose the exact deployment method you prefer: manual, automatic, user-initiated, standalone, or scheduled deployment. In addition, it is compatible with both operating systems, Linux and Windows. For Windows OS, you even get the option to insert a license key in the machine settings.  

The live machine deployment feature of Acronis SCS ensures you get to preserve the original machine name after deployment, even if you’ve deployed multiple machines from the same master image. Moreover, it helps strike out the need to boot individual machines from the network or boot media manually. Acronis SCS Snap Deploy also empowers you with an option to configure the VLAN tags in the bootable media UI.  

Save Time & Money with Increased IT Productivity  

The features and functionalities of Acronis SCS Snap Deploy help improve your IT productivity, save time and money. It has a simple and intuitive wizard-driven UI, saving time and reducing the chance of mistakes. You can customize your configurations and assign settings to individual machines that would allow you to monitor the status and sort machines by their name or IP address. Not to mention, our ease of implementation and intuitive user interface allow your team to ramp up quickly and without frustration.  

It has a very high-speed dispatch capability where you can deploy a single image to multiple machines. All you need to do is connect the machines through LAN or WiFi network. The rest can be done via unicast or multicast from a centralized management console.  

During deployment, you have the option of different image formats. While it has its image format (TIB), you can also deploy from virtual hard disk (VHD) files and VHDX files, compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 and Windows 8 or later.  

Altogether, you save precious time, resources, effort, and, most of all, your IT budget – making you more productive, cost-efficient, and secure.  

Get an IT Deployment Solution that’s Easy, Efficient, and Secure 

With Acronis SCS Snap Deploy, you get a full-fledged IT deployment solution that is easy to use and supports multiple workloads. Its exclusive high-speed feature helps you deploy a single image to multiple machines rapidly. You can even deploy to live machines and the same image simultaneously to machines that have dissimilar hardware. In addition, it is possible to boot bare-metal machines from customizable media using a CD, DVD, or flash drive. You can choose to leverage the self-configurable Acronis SCS PXE server with network boot. 

Finally, Acronis SCS Snap Deploy is a flagship product that is constantly evolving through continuous releases with new and added features. Rest assured, if you adopt Acronis SCS Snap Deploy today, you will always have access to latest and greatest deployment features focused on alleviating the burden of already strapped IT teams.  

Whether Symantec Ghost has indeed reached the end of its operational life, Acronis SCS Snap Deploy not only offers the perfect replacement but a significant upgrade to boot.