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Keeping Government & Industry Aligned on the DoDIN APL

Fill Your Calendar Wisely During COVID-19

In a world of seemingly endless video calls – and the “Zoom fatigue” that too often follows – determining which virtual events are worth attending can sometimes be an exhausting task in and of itself. That choice was simple, however, when it came to evaluating vFED’s upcoming summit on the Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List, or DoDIN APL.

In a time when normal lines of communication between the federal government and industry are restricted due to COVID-19, events designed to break down barriers are more critical than ever. With an impressive agenda featuring engagement from both sectors, the DoDIN APL Summit on October 22nd is poised to do just that.

What Is the DoDIN APL, Anyways?

In a nutshell, the DoDIN APL serves as the single list of solutions authorized for use within US Department of Defense networks. It ensures every piece of equipment or software deployed within DoD networks is up to the task, both in terms of cybersecurity and interoperability.

With national security on the line, determining which products make the cut is no simple endeavor for DoD. Neither is industry’s task of ensuring their solutions meet the unique needs of defense and federal systems integrator customers, and then earning the DoDIN APL certification necessary to equip them.

Building bridges between public and private sector priorities, as this summit aims to do, is essential for the DoDIN APL’s continued success and relevance – not just in the age of COVID-19 but far beyond.

Government & Industry Agree: This Conversation Matters

The value government and industry stakeholders see in this type of engagement is evident in the high caliber of speakers slated to participate. Of particular note on the government side, the Commanding General of US Army CECOM and the Assistant to the Director of DISA will both provide remarks and direction for industry on the DoDIN APL’s future.

Complementary sessions will explore supply chain risk management in general, as well as the need to focus more attention on software supply chain security specifically; the growing importance of zero trust architectures for safeguarding public and private environments; remote work’s impact on DoDIN APL processes, and much more.

Small Business Is Front & Center

In addition to an intriguing agenda, another defining characteristic sets this summit apart: its emphasis on ensuring small businesses have a seat at the (virtual) table. Though big-name behemoths often dominate public discussions of defense contracting, small and medium-sized vendors and subcontractors are just as essential for keeping the Defense Department mission ready.

The DoDIN APL Summit will provide small businesses committed to the cause of preserving America’s national security the opportunity to shine and engage with government in direct, productive conversations.

Don’t Miss It

At the end of the day, all those involved in the DoDIN APL process want the same thing: a more resilient Department of Defense and more secure Nation. Events like vFED’s summit on October 22nd help government and industry stay aligned in that critical mission.

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