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DoD Approved, Mission Ready: Hardened Backup Software Earns DoDIN APL Certification

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Drum Roll, Please…

We’ve got some big news to share!

Today, Acronis SCS Cyber Backup 12.5 Hardened Edition officially earned its Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DoDIN APL) certification.

In passing DoD’s rigorous testing and evaluation – a year long process – our product has become the only full-disk image backup and disaster recovery point solution on the APL.

What Is the DoDIN APL, Anyways?

In a nutshell, the DoDIN APL serves as the single list of solutions authorized for use within DoD networks. All DoD components, including the military services, are required to purchase off this list to fulfill their system needs.

The purpose of the list is to ensure every piece of equipment or software deployed within DoD networks is up to the task, both in terms of cybersecurity and interoperability.

Backup Software for Federal Government and Public Utilities

DoDIN APL certification for our hardened software is a game changer – not just for our company, but for the Defense Department, other federal agencies, and critical infrastructure providers in need of a tailored solution to keep air gapped, ‘no internet’ environments and mission critical assets operational.

That includes DoD weapons testing sites, development labs, training simulators, deployed tactical elements (like ships, aircraft, drones, and vehicles), and public utility industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Within these air gapped environments, our software supports both legacy and modern systems, as well as proprietary applications.

While discussing the thinking behind the hardened backup solution, our CEO John Zanni stated, “After meeting with agencies at the DoD, we saw an underserved community in need of a solution developed with its particular demands in mind. Until now, government air gapped networks have relied on ill-fitting backup tools that prioritize connectivity over usability and security – bringing IT headaches and network vulnerabilities, and potentially putting national security at risk. By building a hardened product that requires zero-connectivity to function, uses military-grade encryption, and provides the flexibility to perform full-disk image and file-level backup and recovery, we have eliminated those headaches and radically reduced the network attack surface.”

In addition to the above features, our hardened solution’s easy-to-navigate, centralized, touch-friendly web console, RSA key generation, hardware-based random number generation, implementation of strict TLS v.1.2 for secure network communication, and built-in AI-based anti-ransomware protection double down on both usability AND security.

More Certs on the Horizon

While getting listed on the DoDIN APL is an important milestone, it is not the only certification at play for Acronis SCS. Our hardened solution is also slated to receive FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certifications this year.

The FIPS 140-2 certification verifies our backup communication and archives are protected with that military-grade encryption I mentioned before – and have been reviewed and tested by government labs for use in environments that contain sensitive information.

The Common Criteria certification, for its part, ensures all specification, implementation, and evaluation of our hardened product was conducted in a thorough and standard manner, including our cryptographic support, user data protection, security management, protection of the TSF, and more. These standards – which were developed by the National Information Assurance Partnership, are managed by the National Security Agency, and are accepted by more than thirty countries – ensure our product satisfies information assurance and supply chain requirements in the United States.

The Bottom Line

With DoDIN APL certification finalized, FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certifications in process, and 100% US-based support, Acronis SCS provides DoD, public utilities, and other government entities the tested and trusted solution they need to preserve secure operational assurance and timely decision-making in the environments where it matters most.

For more details on the features and benefits our DoD approved, hardened full-disk image backup and disaster recovery software brings to the table, visit our product and certification pages or download our solutions brief and data sheet today!