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CyberFit Cupid’s Top Tips to #LoveYourData

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Got love on the brain? Let CyberFit Chip’s February alter ego, CyberFit Cupid, guide your googly eyes toward a new valentine – your organization’s data! With data breaches climbing 33 percent last year and ransomware targeting state and local government at record levels, this underappreciated bae needs some serious love.

Read on for top tips to keep your organization CyberFit – and get your thumbs ready to swipe right for better data security.

1. Adopt a least-privilege access framework

Keeping track of today’s constantly changing cyberthreat landscape can really deflate your Valentine’s Day enthusiasm. Take the guesswork out of it and reduce your attack surface by adopting a least privilege access framework across your organization’s networks and operating systems. Determine every users’ access on a need-to-have basis and architect a zero trust model that fits your organization’s needs and operating environment. That way, when an attack occurs (notice we said “when,” not “if”), its impact can only spread so far.

2. Implement a backup solution with anti-ransomware capabilities

Nowadays, it’s wishful thinking to assume cyber criminals don’t have your organization in their sites. So, don’t rely on chocolates and cards for this bae – your data needs regular backups! Once you’ve got a reliable backup and recovery solution in place, it’s time to get proactive. Protect yourself and stay ahead of the game with an AI-based anti-ransomware tool like the one built into Acronis SCS Cyber Backup 12.5 and our newly released hardened full-disk image backup and disaster recovery solution.

3. Keep your operating systems and applications up-to-date

Let’s keep it real… if you’re not keeping your operating systems and applications patched with the latest updates and fixes, you’re leaving your organization’s data unnecessarily vulnerable to hacker exploits. Don’t be lazy in love – keep those systems and applications up-to-date!

4. Regularly update your antivirus software’s signature database

In a similar vein, we know keeping your antivirus software current can sometimes seem daunting – especially when a candy heart sugar rush rolls in. Trust us though, it’s worth the effort. Though antivirus software should never be relied on as your organization’s only cyber protection tool, it remains an important one in your arsenal. Ensuring its signature database is current ensures your organization’s data doesn’t fall prey to some of the more commonly known strains of malware and ransomware.

5. Instill a culture of security within your organization

Some food for thought: in 2016, 93 percent of phishing emails included ransomware. That number is likely much higher today. But don’t let that statistic break your heart! Train all your employees to regard every email with skepticism, even if it comes from a sender that looks familiar. Set up an easy-to-understand process for alerting IT staff to suspicious emails/links/content and hold regular, mandatory company-wide cyber-fitness trainings. Empower each employee to be a human firewall – and your first line of defense against malicious cyber behavior.

Well folks, that’s a wrap! With these CyberFit tips in mind, go forth and have a lover-ly month – with the confidence and know-how you need to keep your organization’s data secure well after CyberFit Cupid has quivered his arrows. Looking for even more info to help you #LoveYourData this February? Check out our resources page for whitepapers, videos, product data sheets, and more!