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Acronis SCS Signs Pledge to American Workers

Pledge to America's Workers Blog Banner Acronis SCS

Yesterday, Acronis SCS signed a White House pledge to help America’s workers and our nation’s veterans thrive. Through the Acronis SCSVets initiative, which will formally launch in October, we pledge to help 300 veterans, active duty military, and military spouses over the next five years develop the cyber certificates, skills, and resources they need to pursue their

dream career.

Alongside a group of Arizona-based partners, we are doing our part to strengthen the cyber workforce, encourage innovation, and reduce veteran unemployment – not only in our state but across the nation.

Signing this pledge marks just one component of Acronis SCS’s enduring commitment to America’s veterans. Check out our press release for more information about our pledge, and RSVP to our ribbon cutting ceremony next month to hear more about our SCSVets initiative – and how you and your organization can get involved!