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The Public Sector Speaks: Certifications and Compliance in the Cloud Age

The Public Speaks: Certifications and Compliance in the Cloud Age 

In October, Acronis SCS hosted a couple of US public sector breakout sessions at the Acronis #CyberFit Summit. One session included a lively panel discussion on Certifications and Compliance in the Cloud Age. Moderating the session was John Zanni, CEO of Acronis SCS, and joining him were three panelists, including: 

John Zanni posed questions to the panelist focused on certifications and compliance in the US public sector. A spirited conversation among the panelists provided valuable insight into the types of certifications their clients require and how it relates to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework 

    • The CMMC framework for DoD contractors will eventually trickle down to other agencies, and the panelists stressed the importance of not waiting for CMMC 2.0 to be mandated. Therefore, it behooves organizations to take action now to become #CyberFit and avoid scrambling at the last minute. Read our blog outlining CMMC 1.0 vs. 2.0 framework. 
    • Certifications and compliance requirements are on the increase. For example, with over 300,000 DoD contractors, the CMMC Advisory Board is trying to weed out those contractors that are not compliant. They will have two weeks to become compliant or receive a cease and desist order resulting in no more DoD contracts. Clients must start thinking about the journey to CMMC as it can take 12 months to complete.
    • MSPs have become trusted advisors for their clients as it relates to compliance. For example, some clients are stretched so thin that they lack security personnel. Instead, they turn to MSPs to help them understand and mitigate cybersecurity risk.  
    • Keith Lukes was referring to Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud when he mentioned in his closing remarks that MSPs need to “proactively go after these verticals [public sector] with solutions and technologies that check all the boxes. 

View the Whole Video for Valuable Knowledge Nuggets 

Watch the session recording in its entirety for helpful knowledge nuggets. Or use the timestamps below to skip to a specific question of interest. 

  • Q#1 [5:10]  – How is the need for compliance and compliance services evolving over the next 12-18 months? ]
  • Q#2 [11:30] – How do you advise your customers on how to architect a plan to meet these rules/regulations?
  • Q#3 [20.30] – What certifications are you getting asked about the most by your clients?
  • Q#4 [34.25 ] – How has the cloud changed compliance?
  • Q#5 [43:00] – How are you thinking of CMMC for your organization?
  • [51:25] – Questions from the audience
  • [57:00 ] – Closing thoughts from the panel

Be the Cybersecurity Expert for Your Public Sector Clients 

With limited budgets and increasingly frequent attacks, public sector organizations demand solutions that decrease the attack surface and minimize IT headaches. These factors mean that public sector agencies need the solutions, services, and expertise you as an MSP can deliver.  

When you partner with Acronis SCS, we provide the experience, knowledge, products, and sales support to help expand your reach into the various public sector verticals, from state and local governments to hospitals and educational institutions.  

Selling into these verticals, you’ll avoid compliance delays and start profiting with our Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud. It’s the perfect product for you to sell into the public sector. It is FIPS 140-2 validated, HIPAA compliant, and CJIS verified solution that empowers MSPs. It is a fully integrated, comprehensive, and cross-functional mix of cybersecurity and data protection tools that manages all endpoints in one user-friendly management console.   

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