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Author: Sheri Rosenbaum

CA Proposes $100 Million Cyber Boost for Community Colleges

Proposed Cybersecurity Funding for Community Colleges From large universities to small grade schools, educational institutions are all too often targets of cyberattacks and ransomware. The pandemic has left schools reallocating budgets to support a mobile workforce and eLearning, leaving little cybersecurity and IT personnel funding.

Defining SCS – There’s More to Our Name Than an Acronym

Acronis SCS. The “SCS” in our company’s name is there for a reason and stands for Sensitive Customer Solutions. So what constitutes a sensitive customer? That’s simple. It’s the US public sector with over 90,000 agencies totaling millions of vulnerable endpoints. From state agencies to

Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud Product Announcement

Providing for the Unique Cybersecurity Needs of the US Public Sector  US citizens rely on the public sector, including state and local governments, the criminal justice system, educational institutions, healthcare entities, and nonprofits, to provide essential services. The crucial roles performed by public sector entities

Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud Launch

Certified Cloud Backup & Security Provides MSPs a Superior Offering for US Public Sector Clients  Cybersecurity is a significant concern for the over 90,000 public sector agencies totaling millions of endpoints. Legacy IT systems, lack of network visibility, budget and IT staffing constraints, and access

The Importance of US-Based Tech Support and Data Centers

Whether you are a small municipality in rural Mississippi or a large Managed Service Provider (MSP) with a state contract, quality technical support should be at the top of the list as you evaluate different cyber protection solutions. Why? Because the quality of the support