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About Acronis SCS

About Acronis SCS - One Pager Learn how Acronis SCS provides operational assurance to the US public sector through reliable and trusted cyber protection and edge data security. Read More
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About Acronis SCSVets One Pager

About Acronis SCSVets - One Pager Unlike other programs that prioritize online learning, Acronis SCSVets’ unique, scalable, and high-touch program utilizes community-oriented partners to provide tailored, in-person cyber training and a comprehensive support system that meet the needs of each state's veteran and military community.
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“Cyber Squad Alpha” – Acronis SCSVets Class 001

The mission of the Acronis SCSVets initiative is to narrow Arizona and America’s cyber workforce shortage by providing veterans, active duty military, and military spouses with the credentials, skills, and resources necessary to pursue a fulfilling career in cybersecurity.  This Monday at 0800 hrs., the
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America’s Critical Infrastructure in the Crosshairs Whitepaper

America’s Critical Infrastructure In The Crosshairs Whitepaper While critical infrastructure faces vulnerabilities that expand far beyond the cyber sphere, including technical failure and natural disaster, in recent years cyber threats have grown from “potential”and “future” problems to imminent concerns. In 2018, for example, one security
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CEO John Zanni on Government Matters TV

On November 25, 2019, Acronis SCS CEO John Zanni spoke on Government Matters TV in response to the Federal Chief Information Security Officer’s top goals regarding supply chain cybersecurity.  They were joined by Gary Shiffman, founder and CEO of Giant Oak and Adjunct Professor at
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USMCA Support Memo

USMCA Support Memo Earlier this year, Acronis SCS signed a Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) letter in support of the United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement (USMCA). We did so because, as an Arizona-based medium-sized business, Acronis SCS believes a modern and mutually beneficial
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Datasheet – Acronis SCS Snap Deploy

Datasheet - Acronis SCS Snap Deploy Ideal for rapid bare-metal initial deployments to a large number of workstations and servers, and an effortless on-going deployment to the same hardware, Acronis SCS Snap Deploy lets you provision hundreds of systems as fast as you can provision
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Datasheet – Acronis SCS Cloud Storage

Datasheet - Acronis SCS Cloud Storage Acronis SCS Cloud Storage is an easyto-use cloud subscription that turns your Acronis SCS Cyber Backup into a powerful, hybrid (local and cloud) backup! Enjoy safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup for any data or any system – anytime,