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Author: Acronis SCS

We’re Helping MSPs Sell to the US Public Sector

We’re Helping MSPs Sell to the US Public Sector With Our Certified-Compliant Cloud Backup & Security Solution MSPs partner with Acronis SCS to help eliminate the obstacles and pain points of selling into the US public sector. From certified and compliant solutions to US-based support

Protecting State and Local Government Agencies

Protecting State and Local Government Agencies With Our Certified-Compliant Cloud Backup and Security Solution Increased cyberattacks, ransomware threats, and security concerns for remote work are common cybersecurity pain points for government agencies. Therefore, you need a cybersecurity and backup solution to secure your sensitive agency
Acronis SCS State and Local Industry Spotlight

State & Local Spotlight

In an effort to keep all digital workloads protected and up- to-date, whether they sit in offices or employees' homes, state and municipal CIOs and IT teams must choose future-proof, affordable, and easy-to-manage cyber protection and imaging solutions tailored to fit their unique needs.

Healthcare Spotlight

The cyber stakes are incredibly high for healthcare. In an industry where one minute of downtime or one lost patient record could have life or death consequences, hospitals and medical centers face unique challenges – and have unique needs – when it comes to cyber
Acronis SCS K-12 Spotlight Featured Image

K-12 Spotlight

From IT inefficiencies and data security threats to new learn-from-home vulnerabilities, the cyber landscape for K-12 institutions is complex. Adding to that complexity is the fact that schools and districts must often make due with limited IT staffs and budgets, leading to lost productivity and

Cost-Effective Subscription-Based Cybersecurity for the US Public Sector

The US public sector faces a myriad of cybersecurity threats. As the number of cyberattacks against US government agencies and organizations increase, it becomes ever more evident that the current, outdated approach to cybersecurity for the US public sector is not sustainable.  Gartner projects that more than $4.2 trillion will be