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Solution Brief – Acronis SCS Cyber Protect

Solution Brief - Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Traditional security tools are not designed for today’s cyberthreats. The traditional approach of using a patchwork of protection tools – for backup, patch automation, antimalware, configuration management, and more – is complex, expensive, and ineffective. Acronis SCS Cyber

Healthcare Spotlight

The cyber stakes are incredibly high for healthcare. In an industry where one minute of downtime or one lost patient record could have life or death consequences, hospitals and medical centers face unique challenges – and have unique needs – when it comes to cyber
Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud Work From Home

Cyber Protection Whitepaper

Cyber Protection: A Fresh Framework for the US Public Sector In today's complex threat landscape, cybersecurity alone is not enough to protect mission critical public sector data and systems from compromise or downtime. In this whitepaper, readers learn the ins and outs of "cyber protection,"
Acronis SCS State and Local Industry Spotlight

Nonprofit Spotlight

Nonprofits hold an important place in American society and play a meaningful, often vital, role in the everyday lives of its people. As more records and operations move virtual, nonprofits need future-proof, affordable, and easy-to-manage cyber protection and imaging solutions tailored to fit their unique

Not-For-Profit, But Not Out Of Mind

Nonprofits in Need  Amidst the COVID-19 response, many organizations have found themselves fighting a battle on two fronts: one physical, the other digital. Both public and private sector industries have been doing their best to keep their networks, devices, and data safe from cyber threats as

More Impressive Independent Testing Results

This year, we successfully took part in ICSA Labs’ assessment for endpoint anti-malware certification. Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud, our endpoint protection software with backup built in, passed all of the tests to be certified and achieved the same excellent result it did with AV-TEST and VB100 – earning certification after its first test. As in
Acronis SCS State and Local Industry Spotlight

Datasheet – Acronis SCS and Scale Computing

Datasheet - Acronis SCS and Scale Computing Acronis SCS backup and disaster recovery solutions provide the easy-to-use, affordable, and security-minded approach that computing environments need to thrive. With seamless integration with Scale Computing's HC3 infrastructure, Acronis SCS backup software options ensure that no matter your