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Certified Cloud Backup & Security Built for the US Public Sector

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Here to support your unique data protection needs.

Unmatched Simplicity

Capitalize on innovation to provide easy-to-use solutions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Secure data on premise, in the cloud, or at the edge.

Complete Protection

Protect all of your data, while aligning with compliance requirements.

Welcome to Acronis SCS

We are an American cyber protection and edge data security company dedicated to providing certified and trusted cyber protection solutions to the US public sector. Our innovative and comprehensive cyber protection, backup and disaster recovery, anti-ransomware, and enterprise file sync and share software solutions ensure operational assurance and data security across America’s federal, state and local government, education, healthcare, and nonprofit computing environments. 

Who We Serve

At Acronis SCS, the US public sector is our #1 priority – in fact, it’s our only priority. We strive to ensure our customers are equipped with the operational assurance and cyber protection they need to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex cyber landscape. 

How We Serve

100% US Based Support

At Acronis SCS, 100% of our workforce is committed to supporting public sector agencies. We are proud to provide 100% US-based support from US citizens who understand the myriad concerns and regulatory requirements of public sector organizations. Whether you serve the public from a position in the federal government or the local elementary school, Acronis SCS offers a menu of cybersecurity, data protection, data backup, and recovery solutions that adapt to your needs, backed by experienced, security-conscious support professionals. 

Our security technicians are committed to helping you maintain your data integrity and security while ensuring you retain complete insight and control over your systems and data. 

Flexible Deployment and Licensing

Until recent years, US public sector organizations were largely focused on storing data in on-premise locations. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic persists and remote work continues to expand, a more comprehensive public sector shift to cloud backup and cloud security is not a matter of if, but when. The rapid move to remote work and learning environments has demonstrated state and local government’s ability to shift on the fly. While work-from-home arrangements were sporadic pre-pandemic, government technology leaders quickly and effectively adapted to the new requirements in the wake of COVID-19. Cloud computing security played a key role in empowering this rapid transition to new modes of work. 

Government and private-sector technology executives say this practical demonstration will accelerate the adoption of cloud based storage and SaaS going forward. In fact, a recent Flexera survey found 59 percent of enterprise IT leaders plan to increase cloud backup and cloud security adoption either slightly or significantly as a result of COVID-19. 

While many states have had some form of “cloud first” ambition in play in recent years, tight budgets and complex deployments have proven to be a blocker for some. That is where Acronis SCS comes in. As a cloud service provider we have the flexibility to help you get what your organization specifically needs. Whether your organization is just starting out on its cloud based storage journey or has been at it for some time already, we have the flexible deployment and licensing options necessary to help you stay #CyberFit along the way. 

Acronis SCS Deployment Options

Acronis SCS Hosted Cloud:

Save yourself time and money with our FIPS 140-2, CJIS, and HIPAA Certified Cloud run and operated in the US with 100% US citizens.  

  • Free up precious personnel and budget with no need to hire specialized resources to support or build this solution 
  • Eliminate hardware costs and the need to manage multiple contracts and vendors 
  • Scale up or down with your organization – our cloud backup and cloud security solution adapts infinitely with you as your organization or strategy changes 
  • Maintain the ability to shift your workforce at a seconds notice without changing processes, whether it be to remote work or a new facility agility 
  • Work hand in hand with public sector specialist dedicated to implementing the top public sector best practices 
  • Transition or update to a certified cloud solution without compromising compliance 

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Your Own Private Cloud:

Working in a complex environment? Acronis SCS provides you the flexibility to utilize your own cloud backup and cloud security infrastructure. 

  • Maintain control and direct oversight of your environment and its functions while taking advantage of all the cyber protection solutions Acronis SCS has to offer 
  • Preserve your existing cloud backup and cloud security structure while adding innovative cyber protection that combines data cloud protection and cybersecurity in one easy to manage solution 
  • Use your existing IT staff expertise to manage solutions in addition to all your other tools

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On Premise:

 Maintain complete management on site while adding modern cyber protection solutions to your existing systems. 

  • Eliminate reliance on internet connectivity or external factors to access your software 
  • Preserve control over data, management, and maintenance of your product 
  • Maintain total control over who you hire to support your solution 

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Acronis SCS Licensing Options

Pay as you go

Monthly consumption-based pricing that eliminates the need for up-front investments – only pay for what you use.  

  • Scale with ease and flexibility with no need to pay for future storage capacity needs 
  • Build a future-proof transition to cloud backup and cloud security strategy without having to pay for it all upfront 
  • Transition away from old legacy systems to newer models without added costs – never again be locked into a product that isn’t adding value 
  • Support and upgrades included 
  • Decreasing CAPEX 

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Single or multi-year payment options that allow for lower upfront costs.

  • Select the term that works best for you and your budget cycle 
  • Transition away from old legacy systems to newer models without added costs – never again be locked into a product that isn’t adding value to your organization 
  • Support and upgrades included 

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Large upfront payment with annual or multi-year maintenance fees.

  • Decreases strenuous budget discussion with a one-time lump sum purchase 
  • Upgrades and support are not included in costs 

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Learn More About Flexible Deployments & Licensing

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Purpose Built & Certified Products 

We strive to ensure our customers are equipped with the operational assurance and cyber protection they need to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex cyber landscape. As such, we have developed products and licensing structures that allow you to choose the right solutions for you. But whatever choice you make, Acronis SCS is dedicated to providing superior service, extensive training and onboarding, 100% US based support, and industry leading technology – all without adding financial and operational burden to you. 

Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud 

Our FIPS 140-2, CJIS, and HIPAA certified cloud backup and security solution with flexible deployment and licensing options that meet the needs of your unique public sector organization. 

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Acronis SCS Cyber Backup 12.5 Hardened Edition  

Our DoDIN APL, Common Criteria, and FIPS 140-2 certified backup solution built for the US public sector’s most sensitive environments.  

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