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Switching from Symantec?

Upgrade security with Acronis SCS’s integrated cyber protection solutions

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Symantec End-of-Life (EOL), but not Out of Luck

If you are unhappy with the level of support you are receiving or your Symantec products are EOL, look no further. Acronis SCS provides you with an integrated cyber protection solution. Acronis SCS is transforming the way the US public sector stays #CyberFit. Across our product suites – from our tried-and-true backup and disaster recovery software to our all-in-one enterprise-level endpoint protection software with backup built in – our tailored, tested, and trusted cyber protection solutions combine traditional data protection with the cybersecurity required to combat both today’s and tomorrow’s threat landscape

Switch now to Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud:

Get More Time Back in Your Day

Don’t let deployment and installation take up any more of your time. Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud ensures quick, easy onboarding, empowering you to spend more time on the things that matter most.

Say No to Clunky Management Tools

Manage your organization’s environments – security, backup, disaster recovery, remote desktop, and more – all from a single pane of glass with a touch-friendly UI, a simplified protection plan, and unified reporting. 

Purpose Built for the US Public Sector

The US public sector is our first and only priority. Our products ensure data security across federal, state, and local government, education, and non-profit organizations. Acronis SCS products are built and supported in the United States by US citizens.

Safer, Faster, Easier Recoveries

Save time and energy by having tools needed to avoid cyberthreats outright – and quickly and easily recover from any data loss event.  Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud has a robust safe recovery feature built-in, so you can prevent dangerous infections from reoccurring, without lifting a finger. The solution delivers integrated anti-malware backup scans, installs the latest security patches, and updates anti-virus databases during the recovery process. 

Advanced, AI-Based Protection

You’ll receive all the security advantages only AI-based technologies can deliver. While Symantec is slow to innovate, Acronis SCS’ approach delivers next-generation full stack, AI/ML-powered protection against malware, including ransomware, zero-day attacks, and cryptominers. With complete, AI-assisted visibility on the edge, you can create an alert-based protection plan that detects and responds to attacks. Plus, Acronis SCS defends systems and data even without a constant internet connection. 

Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management

Stop paying for add-ons and streamline daily administrative tasks using a solution that has integrated vulnerability assessments and patch management. Cyber Protection Operation Centers (CPOCs) generate alerts that mitigate risks from upcoming or existing threats. Meanwhile, automated backups occur before new patches are installed, giving you a quick rollback option. 

Ready Access to Revealing Forensic Data

Identify the source of a cyberattack with ease. Acronis helps you investigate and analyze an incident immediately with forensic backup capabilities already integrated. Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud can also record full memory dumps, so all insights are incorporated into its own backups. Alerts further help pinpoint the name of the file that contained the malware and its location. 

Auto-Recovery from Ransomware Attacks

Ensure operational assurance by leveraging a solution that can almost immediately reverse the effects of any cyberattack. Should any files be altered or encrypted before a ransomware or cryptojacking attack is stopped, Acronis SCS Cyber Protect Cloud automatically restores those files from the backup or cache – outperforming many leading endpoint cybersecurity solutions, including Symantec. 

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Enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial of Acronis SCS Cyber Backup 12.5

Free 30-Day Trial

Key Product Features Comparison

 Acronis Cyber Protect CloudSymantec Endpoint Protection
Multi-tenant management portal
Reseller management
Pay-as-you-go pricing
API for custom integration
Vulnerability assessments
Patch management
Automatic data / system restore
AI-based hard drive health monitoring
Remote access to machines via integrated Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Need award-winning disk imaging technology?

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Enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial of Acronis SCS Cyber Backup 12.5

Free 30-Day Trial

Acronis SCS Snap Deploy is designed to take the time-consuming headache out of systems provisioning. With flexible licensing options available for our award-winning technology, IT personnel can perform rapid bare metal deployments and easy-to-schedule zero physical touch redeployments to a large number of devices or servers – even those with dissimilar hardware – in one go, whether that be a fleet of police vehicles, a batch of public library computers, or employee laptops. Our data sharing tools also make secure collaboration simple for state and local organizations of any size.

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