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Student Employment Acknowledgement

The Acronis SCSVets program is here to support you in your journey of successfully finding a career in the IT or the Cyber Security industry. This program is intended to provide you with the resources and education you will need to be successful. Upon completing this program our hope is for you to be able to find a career that you are passionate about and will continue to grow successfully. We will keep you informed of career fairs and employers who may be hiring. Although, the Acronis SCSVets team and ABL Cyber Academy cannot guarantee employment of any kind, during your participation of the program or upon completion of this program. We will definitely provide you with resources, so you are able to make the appropriate employment decisions based on your personal goals and objectives.

Please review and acknowledge the specific guidelines required for this program listed below:

  • You agree to complete all WIOA grant programming within two weeks from the date of orientation?
  • You agree to complete all WIOA employment training prior to the start of the ABL IT training program?
  • You understand that it will be your responsibility as the student to:
  • Conduct your own research as it pertains to employment and salary for wages within the IT & Cyber industry.
  • Take the initiative to complete the hiring process that a potential employer may ask you to complete when applying to a specific position.

By selecting agree you accept the terms of program acceptance and are fully aware that employment placement IS NOT guaranteed by Acronis SCSVets or any of it’s program partners.