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Acronis SCS Files Connect

Eliminate Mac integration headaches once and for all.

What is Acronis SCS Files Connect?

With Acronis SCS Files Connect, your organization’s Mac users can kiss SMB protocol bugs, slow file searches, file locking and naming issues, shortcut errors, file corruption, and permissions problems goodbye. Acting as an Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) server, our technology serves as a gateway for Macs, enabling users to quickly and seamlessly connect to enterprise Windows SMB/servers and NAS devices to mount file shares, browse folders, and open files – all without losing access to the functionality, tools, and applications they know well. This solution integrates with numerous key infrastructure elements, including Active Directory, Distributed File System (DFS), home directories, and clustering.

With our technology, Mac users can also quickly and easily perform filename and full content Spotlight searches. And it doesn’t stop there. Now iOS and Android users can also enjoy intuitive on-the-go rich file browsing, full-content searching, previewing, editing, automatic file synchronization, and selective offline synchronization.

AFP Solution to SMB Problems

Fast Spotlight

New Mac Client Application

Mac to Enterprise IT Systems

Learn how Acronis SCS Files Connect can work for you!

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Learn how Acronis SCS Files Connect can work for you!

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The US Public Sector and Acronis SCS Files Connect

Nowadays, many public sector organizations – particularly those in the education, nonprofit, healthcare, and state and local government sectors – have begun to embrace a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach and the influx of Mac and mobile devices that comes along with that shift. Within such hybrid computing environments, integration and performance problems abound, lowering collaboration amongst employees and heightening  frustration across all levels of an organization.

With Acronis SCS Files Connect, which acts as a translator and gateway between Mac file systems and Windows servers/SMB, those hybrid compatibility struggles are a thing of the past. Designed to help even the smallest and most resource-constrained IT teams manage integration without sacrificing security, Acronis SCS Files Connect ensures all users can stay focused on the mission at hand.

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